T7000 glue of 15ml, 50ml, 110ml - BLACK Color Glue

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Specially designed for crystals, but can be fixed on different surfaces:

- Metal, wood, plastic, rubber, paper, electronic components, stone, ceramics, glass, ...

Compatible: All mobile devices: Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony Ericsson Xperia, Huawei Ascend, ZTE, Apple iPhone, Woxter, THL, Wiko, 3GO Droxio, Alcatel, LG, Nokia, Szenio, ...

Other uses of the T7000 glue:

- Gifts, jewelry accessories, costume jewelery ...

Instructions for use:

  1. Clean the surface of dust and leave free of traces of other substances.
  2. Apply in an environment with a temperature between 18 and 32 degrees for best results.
  3. Clean after each use
  4. Apply T7000 glue for the surface you want to paste.
  5. Wait 3 to 6 minutes for better results. Once this time has elapsed, press both surfaces for a better fixation.
  6. Allow to dry for approximately 3 hours.

The best fixation will be achieved after 48 hours.


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