How to find the right laptop spare parts?

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How to find the right laptop spare parts?

To find the correct part for your laptop, you can search by the laptop model, but we recommend searching by the part number.

Normally all parts are labeled with part number, for example:

In this case, the part number is: 0YV8R7.

Sometimes a piece can come with multiple labels.

In this case, DELL brand part number: 04F5TH, manufacturer part number: AM1S5000330


The part number format of each brand is different

Dell: Part number consists of 6 digits combined of numbers and letters

HP: its format is usually xxxxxx-001, consisting of numbers


1. Laptop cover

A: Top LCD back cover

B: LCD screen bezel cover

C: Palmrest upper cover

D: Bottom base cover


2. Laptop fan

Same laptop model, but different manufacturing batch, we can find different brands of fans.

Leading fan manufacturers: Delta, FCN, KIPO, SUNON, FORCECON, ADDA, Toshiba, SPEA, Panasonic, NIDEC, SEI, Bi-Sonic, ARX, etc...

For example, part number: 0HFMH9, it is a fan for Dell 14R N4110, but it is manufactured by many manufacturers, Sunon, Delta, FCN, etc.

They are original, but from different manufacturers.


If you have the part number, but cannot find the part on our website, send us e-mail: info@senove.com