How to choose a AC adapter for your laptop?

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How to choose a AC adapter for your laptop?

To buy the correct charger for your laptop model, it is recommended to check the following characteristics:


  • VOLTS: Volts are usually identified by the letter "V" and indicated on the label of the laptop charger. Volts are also indicated on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop. The vast majority of chargers usually have a 19V output voltage. The rest, the most common is that they have 18.5V | 19.5V | 20V | 16.5V and others


  • AMPS: In the case of laptop chargers, the Amps are identified with the letter "A". It appears on the charger and also on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop. Volts and amps are normally listed together, on the same line. For example: OUTPUT 19V --- 4.74A. It is important to know that you can use a charger more amps for your laptop, as it is fully compatible. For example if your original charger is 3.42A then you can use one of 3.42A or one of 4.74A or more ... This does not affect compatibility in any case. The laptop only consumes what it needs.
    In fact, the more amps a charger has, the better its performance will be, since it requires less effort and will heat up little and this translates into more useful life.


  • CHARGER PIN: This is perhaps the most important part of the charger. Depending on the laptop model, the dimensions of the charger plug may vary. For example, over 70% of chargers for Acer typically use chargers with a plug that measures 5.5mm x 1.7mm.


The image shown below is an example of how to locate Volts and Amps on the laptop:

And this image shown below is an example of how to locate the volts and amps in the charger:

Watts (W) are also indicated on notebook chargers, which indicates the power that a charger can deliver per hour. Basically it is the result of multiplying Volts by Amps.

If you have a charger that indicates 19V and 4.74A, the maximum power it can deliver is 19 * 4.74 = 90. This means that the charger that best suits your laptop is a charger with a maximum power of 90W.

Keep in mind that the volt and amp characteristics on chargers never match the consumption characteristics on laptop batteries. For example, most laptops have the battery with 10-8V | 11.1V and with 4400 mAh but the chargers of these same laptops are 18.5V | 19V and 3.42A | 4.74A.

In batteries the amps are indicated in mAh (Milli-amps).

When choosing a charger, we recommend paying attention to the dimensions of the plugs. There really are a few standard measurements:

  • Acer Aspire | Travelmate | Extensive Chargers usually have a 5.5 x 1.7mm plug (yellow or light blue plug)
  • Packard Bell chargers have 5.5 * 1.7mm or 5.5 x 2.5mm plug
  • HP Pavilion | Compaq Chargers usually have a 7.4 x 5.4mm plug (with the central pin) or a 4.8 x 1.7mm plug
  • Toshiba and Asus chargers in most cases currently typically have the 5.5 x 2.5mm plug
  • Sony Vaio chargers usually have the 6.5 x 4.4mm plug
  • Samsung chargers usually have the 5.5 x 3.0mm plug in most cases

If you have any questions about how to choose and buy the charger for your laptop model, please do not hesitate to contact us.