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Dust detection lamp - iSee Pro

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The iSee Pro dust detection lamp is designed to illuminate dust particles or scratches when replacing or recycling screens on phones and tablets. This allows the technician to detect any dust or defect on the LCD or glass lens very quickly and, ultimately, ACCELERATES THEIR WORK. It is also a very good tool to check if the phone has dirt or dust before installing a screen protector.

Also the upper part is incorporated with magnetic sections to organize screws, small pieces ...


Save time

Detect any particle of dust instantly before applying a new digitizer to iPads

Detect any invisible crack on an LCD screen that you are about to place on a smartphone

Work faster by cleaning an LCD screen once.


Orderly and fast work

With integrated magnetic sections, you can easily organize your tools and small parts (screws, etc.), allowing you to work faster.


Package contents:

1 X Dust detection lamp


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